Cosmo's Buddies - A Home For Every Pet Starts With A Place In The Heart
About Us:
Cosmo’s Buddies steps in to help with the overpopulation and overcrowding in local shelters and pounds.  Many facilities have limited space for the thousands of adoptable dogs and cats that come through their doors every year, so we visit those pounds and shelters, swooping in to rescue.  We have a soft spot for the dogs and cats that have been there a while.  We pull them, foster them out of our homes, and have them vetted, spayed or neutered.  After their vetting and having been evaluated for placement, they are put up for adoption.   The nominal adoption fees we charge go directly back into the rescue to support the care and medical expenses of more animals.   We know we cannot save them all, but for each one we do save, one more animal has a chance to live a full and happy life

Donations are greatly appreciated!  Paypal is

We are in need of foster homes for pups and cats.
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